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Beginning Your Own Business

My name is Harry and this is my first blog. I live in Perth with my wife and our pet dog. I am 53 years old and for the last 20 years, I have worked at the local auto repair and manufacturing plant. Working on the shop floor can be a lot of fun but after 2 decades, I have grown a little tired of it all. My brother-in-law suggested I think about starting my own business making and repairing specialist auto parts. I explained that you could fit my knowledge of business onto the back of a stamp. He said that he could fix that and invited me to spend 6 months tour his different businesses to see how they work. I learnt so much that I just had to share it with the rest of the world.



Main Considerations When Contemplating Lawn Installation

A simple way to enhance the kerb appeal of your property is by investing in lawn installation. New grass will spruce up the appearance of your yard, which in effect will make your entire residence look beautiful. Moreover, your grass also provides you with a great space for children to play or for you to entertain. However, opting for lawn installation is not merely about choosing the first type of grass that you come across. The following are some of the considerations you should bear in mind when contemplating lawn installation:

Consider the location of your residence

Your location will largely dictate the health of your lawn. For example, if you live in the hotter areas of Australia, you would have to consider buying grass that is drought resistant. These species are better able at withstanding the sunlight without being at risk of becoming dehydrated. Some of the turf species that thrive in warmer climates include Tall Fescue, Buffalo and Kikuyu grass.

On the other hand, if you live in an area that does not receive copious amounts of sunshine or if your structure blocks sunlight on your yard, you should consider grass species that would be suited to this environment. A popular species known for these conditions is griffin-weeping grass as it is highly shade-tolerant. Despite low light conditions, this grass species will thrive, and you would not have to worry about replacing your turf prematurely.

Consider the maintenance of the grass

Another crucial consideration to have would be the degree of maintenance that you would be able to commit to. Homeowners sometimes make the mistake of overlooking the fact that some grass species need acute care and maintenance for them to grow. Instead, they assume that as long as it rains and they receive sunlight, their lawn will look immaculate. In reality, some turf species will need extra hydration, which would mean having to invest in an irrigation system.

Secondly, some grass species tend to grow quite fast, and this would translate into routinely taking time out of your schedule to mow your lawn. Lastly, some turf species may need additional help to stay healthy, and this could be in the form of fertilisers and mulch, which can be quite time-consuming to apply. If you have a busy schedule or just do not want to spend excessive energy on lawn maintenance, you should consider grass species that can survive with minimal maintenance.