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Beginning Your Own Business

My name is Harry and this is my first blog. I live in Perth with my wife and our pet dog. I am 53 years old and for the last 20 years, I have worked at the local auto repair and manufacturing plant. Working on the shop floor can be a lot of fun but after 2 decades, I have grown a little tired of it all. My brother-in-law suggested I think about starting my own business making and repairing specialist auto parts. I explained that you could fit my knowledge of business onto the back of a stamp. He said that he could fix that and invited me to spend 6 months tour his different businesses to see how they work. I learnt so much that I just had to share it with the rest of the world.



6 Tips to Utilize a Shipping Container for Portable Storage

Over the past few years, many people have chosen to convert shipping containers into active storage units. You can acquire new or used containers in most parts of Australia. While their cost price isn't that low, these units offer more significant benefits than any other alternatives. However, before buying your shipping containers and converting them into portable storage units, consider these essential tips: 

Container Delivery

You can have your shipping container delivered onsite by a flatbed truck or a roll-off truck. The flatbed truck is the cheaper delivery option, but you must have a forklift in place. Besides, if you're located far away from the container depot, it'll be wise to research the cost of forklift rental against the overall delivery cost of the two methods.

Container Foundation

To get the most out of your container, you need to place it on a stable and reliable foundation. Dropping it directly on the bare ground doesn't offer room for ventilation or moisture release and causes corrosion on its bottom surface. Providing a reliable foundation like railroad ties helps lengthen your container's lifespan. There are many hundreds of ideas you can research online and implement quickly.

Enhancing Security

New shipping containers sometimes have lockboxes as a standard feature. The bolt and lockbox feature make the lock impossible to access, increasing the security of the containers on all sides. Therefore, if you lack this feature, ensure you purchase one in a local or online store. 

Proper Air Ventilation

Most parts of Australia have fluctuating temperatures, and this can cause moisture condensation to build up within the container. Depending on what's stored inside, this condition can cause damage to valuable items. Consider installing proper ventilation systems such as a basic HVAC unit or vents to fix the problem. You can buy the HVAC unit or vents from local or online stores. 

Finding Affordable Container

Remember, the cheapest container may necessarily not be the best. Thus, if you come across a very cheap container, it's prudent to assess its condition before purchase. 

Get Value for Your Money

Containers can vary in size. All these sizes have different storage volumes. Therefore, if you need to get the best value for your money, determine the cost per square metre of the containers and find out which is more viable for your needs.

In conclusion, shipping containers offer an excellent option when considering portable storage solutions. And this applies to even if you will not be moving from one location to the next. You can set them up quite easily at an affordable price.