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Beginning Your Own Business

My name is Harry and this is my first blog. I live in Perth with my wife and our pet dog. I am 53 years old and for the last 20 years, I have worked at the local auto repair and manufacturing plant. Working on the shop floor can be a lot of fun but after 2 decades, I have grown a little tired of it all. My brother-in-law suggested I think about starting my own business making and repairing specialist auto parts. I explained that you could fit my knowledge of business onto the back of a stamp. He said that he could fix that and invited me to spend 6 months tour his different businesses to see how they work. I learnt so much that I just had to share it with the rest of the world.



Mobility Scooter Buying Guide

Mobility scooters are a must-have for seniors and disabled people who experience mobility problems. The scooters are a suitable alternative to conventional wheelchairs since users do not need to depend on anyone or their physical effort to move around. If you intend to purchase a mobility scooter, you need to examine the following: 

Scooter Size

The mobility scooter must be comfortable. Otherwise, the user could develop back problems or muscle pains when using the scooter. Visit your local dealership or check online resources to establish which scooter size suits you or your loved one. Typically, the user's age, weight, and height determine which size suits them. However, you should also examine other features that affect the scooter's comfort. For instance, do the materials used to make the seat guarantee maximum comfort? Does the seat have controls to adjust its height and lumbar support? Are the controls within the user's reach? Are the user's legs well-positioned when using the scooter? In some cases, you might opt to buy a slightly larger scooter. It is especially so if the equipment will be used by a child or adolescent who will outgrow the scooter in several months. 

Scooter Accessories

The scooter's accessories should help improve its functionality and the user's comfort. For instance, bags and storage baskets allow users to carry their devices, books, and shopping while using the scooter. On the other hand, a canopy shields the user from rain or harsh sunlight when using the scooter outdoors. An oxygen tank holder would be perfect for people with pulmonary illnesses. Moreover, the scooter should have safety equipment such as side mirrors, signals, horns, and headlights. 

Scooter Battery And Motor

Mobility scooters are electrically powered. Therefore, you should check their battery size and motor range to establish their power and driving range. Ideally, a large battery suits people who intend to use the scooter for long hours outdoors. On the other hand, a large motor is perfect for off-road driving or climbing steep slopes. You should also check how long it takes to charge the battery fully. The rule is to consider scooter batteries with fast charging capabilities. Some companies install backup battery packs that provide power to the nearest charging port once the primary battery drains. 

The Scooter's Condition

If you intend to purchase a used scooter, inspect its condition to ensure it is a good bargain. For example, examine the frame for structural damage, the functionality of the brakes, and various controls. Moreover, assess the battery range to ensure it is within the manufacturer's specifications. If possible, purchase scooters that have a valid warranty from the manufacturer. 

When buying a mobility scooter, assess its size, accessories, battery, motor, and condition.